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Welcome to the wonderful world of Lithuania, with its special culture, interesting traditions and many varied tourist attractions.

A country, situated at the geographical centre of Europe, washed by the Baltic Sea, covered with dense forests and meandering rivers and lakes, respectful of its traditions, proud of the Lithuanian language, nurturing its UNESCO world heritage sites, and open to innovations.

If you enjoy trips to the countryside to see spectacular natural landscapes, visit Lithuania. The stunning Curonian Spit and Lithuania's lovely national parks leave an indelible impression on every visitor.

If you prefer vibrant city life, visit Lithuania. You will find all types of dazzling entertainment in each of our cities.

Entertainment in Lithuania

Lithuania offers many types of entertainment to the Lithuanian people, and all tourists when visiting the country. The entertainment is diverse and relatively cheap, from basketball matches to countryside tourism, traditional culture, and exciting nightlife. When it comes to modern entertainment, such as bowling, cinemas, or casinos, are easy to find at the largest shopping malls. Lithuanian people also enjoy playing online casino games, on the top-rated UK casino sites, because of their popular betting bonuses that instantly boost the bank balances. There are also five national parks in the country, the rivers are popular for kayaking, and extreme sports have also increased their popularity.

If you feel like indulging in a blissful spa experience, visit Lithuania. Our spa resorts offer some of the highest quality services.

If you love celebrations, visit Lithuania. Lithuanians mark all their jovial holidays with traditional celebrations, merrymaking and festivals.

If you like hearty food, visit Lithuania. You'll be able to try our delectable national and international cuisine.

If you want to experience some genuine hospitality, then you must visit Lithuania! 

Lithuania is a perfect destination for anyone looking for a peaceful and inspiring getaway. Those who visit often come back and explore it again and again.


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