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Trakai is a fabulously picturesque little town on water. The former capital of Lithuania nestles between several lakes, 30km west of Vilnius. It is a must and a delight for every tourist to see its spectacular Island Castle on Lake Galvė. Initially a defensive castle, later a residence for Lithuania’s grand dukes, today it is a popular museum of medieval Lithuania as well as being a well-used stage for concerts, festivals and films. The fairytale castle was rebuilt in the 1950s and is now known for being the only castle with a lake as its main defence in the whole of Eastern Europe.

Trakai has always been a multicultural town. Since the end of the 14th century Karaims, Poles and Russians have lived together with Lithuanians in this site of natural beauty. A Karaim mosque and museum and an increasing number of cafés serving tasty Karaim cuisine are a characteristic feature of Trakai.

The town offers wonderful surroundings to explore, such as the Užtrakai and Lentvaris estates with their lovely parks and views. The countryside in and around Trakai  provides plenty of opportunities for horse riding, swimming, diving, boating and yachting. The graceful sight of the Island Castle can also be enjoyed from up above, in a balloon or a glider.


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