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Five national parks (Aukštaitijos, Dzūkijos, Žemaitijos, Kuršių nerijos and Trakų) and 30 regional parks filled with virgin forests and unspoiled marshland exist in Lithuania, inhabited by protected wild animals and rare birds.

Three parks (Aukštaitijos, Dzūkijos and Žemaitijos) are named after the ethnographic regions they are situated in. Each of the parks is under the government’s protection and all kinds of recreational and agricultural activities are strictly regulated so that these natural wonders can be enjoyed by everyone. Protected areas, including natural and cultural reserves as well as national and regional parks, cover almost 12% of the country’s entire territory.

Apart from these, there are 386 special natural monuments (old trees, natural springs, standing stones, etc.) and 3,719 cultural monuments (old ethnographic villages, manors, castles, churches, barrows) under the state’s protection. In many parks, particularly in eastern and western Lithuania, old villages that have kept their traditional structures of unsurfaced streets, thatched-roof farmsteads and fields can be found. They have the status of ethnographic reserves.

These national and regional parks offer visitors the opportunity to see Lithuanian customs and traditions as well as try out local foods and have a good time.

There are plenty of opportunities for learning more about Lithuania and its lovely, unspoilt countryside. There are routes and paths for walking, horse riding, cycling, birdwatching and water tourism. Viewpoints throughout the country with magnificent views of the surrounding landscape can easily be reached.

Information in English and other languages is available at these information centres:

Aukštaitija National Park
Palušė, Ignalina Region
Tel. (370 386) 52891, tel./fax (370 386) 53 135

Dzūkija National Park
Marcinkonių TIC, Miškininkų str. 61, Marcinkonys, Varėna Region
Tel. (370 310) 44 466, Fax (370 310) 44 471
Merkinės TIC, Vilniaus str. 2, Merkinė, Varėna region
Tel. (370 310) 57 245

Kuršių Nerija National Park
Smiltynės str. 11, Klaipėda
Tel. (370 46) 402256, Fax (370 46) 402257

Trakai National Park
Karaimų str. 5, Trakai
Tel. (370 528) 55776, tel./fax (370 528) 55756

Žemaitijos National Park
Platelių TIC, Didžioji str. 8, Plateliai, Plungė Region
Tel. ( 370 448) 49231, fax (370 448) 49337


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