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On horseback


Riding a horse is one of the most rewarding things you can do in Lithuania’s national and regional parks. But even if you don’t ride, the long-term relationship between the Lithuanians and their horses is reflected in fascinating detail at the Horse Museum in the village of Niūroniai in Anykščiai Regional Park. The exhibits reveal all about the multifunctional role of this most elegant of animals in everyday life – as friend, helper, warrior and worker. Hire a horse or a horse-drawn carriage for a ride.

A horse-riding centre in Kurtuvėnai Regional Park is open all year round. The landscape of this park, where forested hills turn into the scenic river valleys of the Venta and Dubysa, is perfect for a saddle ride. You can even go on a riding trip over several days.

There are about 20 stud farms in Lithuania where you can hire a horse, some of them offering horse-riding lessons. Some manor estates and farmsteads also have a horse or two.

The Lake Sartai Horse Race in the region of Zarasai has been going for 200 years. Teams of beautiful horses race on a frozen lake on the first Saturday of every February, a popular event that attracts thousands of people.



6 days trip with the horses in Lithuania

A unique and amazing holiday experience - riding on horseback across the Samogitian Highlands with meandering rivers and experiencing the Lithuanian scenery in a way you would never have imagined! This is a long distance trail ride with a difference - each day you will move on to new sights and sounds and your accommodation each night at hotels and countryside farmhouses will provide exactly what you need to enjoy your holiday to its utmost.




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